This Step Workbook is the result of a cumulative effort by the worldwide fellowship of Marijuana Anonymous. For years, sponsors adapted the worksheets from other 12 Step groups, substituting language and ideology. Beginning in 2002, MA members began discussing the need to create our own companion to Life With Hope to help us navigate our way through the Steps.

At the Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference in Orange County in May of 2004, a motion was passed to begin this important work. It was agreed that each district (at the time there were twelve, how fortuitous) would focus on one Step and the Literature Committee would ultimately edit and assemble the worksheets into a cohesive workbook. This Step Workbook is the result of those efforts. It took four years and countless marijuana addicts to accomplish this task.

You can write directly in this book, couple it with a notepad, or go on-line and work on your computer. We have but one request before you begin. Please do this work with the guidance of a sponsor or spiritual advisor. The same as with recovery, this work is not intended to be done alone. Success depends upon us sharing the process.

You are about to embark upon a life-changing journey with the support of the fellowship of Marijuana Anonymous, your sponsor, and your Higher Power. Behold the miracles.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service.

MAWS Literature Committee
May 2008


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