Step Ten

Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

Step Ten is the beginning of the "maintenance" steps, combining what we have learned in the first nine steps and putting that knowledge to work on a daily basis. Coupled with Steps Eleven and Twelve, Step Ten is about our continued commitment to spiritual progress. Taking a daily personal inventory enables us to maintain our self-reflection and awareness, and assures our ongoing growth in recovery. As we gain an understanding of our thoughts and actions (as well as their consequences), and willingly correct ourselves, our lives are transformed.

Getting Started:

  • Read Step Ten in LIFE WITH HOPE.
  • Review Step Ten with your sponsor, or with a trusted member of MA.
  • Look up the words promptly, perseverance, and commitment; write out the definitions that you find to be significant, and write what each word means to you.

The Daily Inventory:

It is suggested that we get into a routine of daily self-reflection. Some of us have found it helpful to pick a time of day when we can sit quietly and review the previous twenty-four hours. We might choose to do this exercise before going to bed at night, or we might prefer to examine the previous day first thing in the morning. The time of day doesn't have to be the same, but doing so helps to establish a habit of consistency. While a daily moral inventory may be done in written form, a mental list is also helpful as this practice is integrated into everyday life.

This is an ongoing process. We strive for progress, not perfection. Many days we don't handle everything as we'd wished, yet it's important that we forgive ourselves if we fall short of our own expectations. This is not a test; there are no right or wrong answers. These are ideals we're striving for, rather than a checklist of perfectionism.

We didn't get to the Tenth Step in one day. Self-mastery is a process, not an event. Easy does it.

We consider these questions, aware that some days not all of them will apply:

  • Did I stay sober today?
  • Did I pray or meditate?


  • Did I pray for someone else?
  • Did I talk to my sponsor today?
  • Did I go to a meeting?
  • Did I read any Twelve Step literature?
  • What Steps did I consciously work today?
  • Did I do anything to help my recovery?
  • Did I learn anything about myself today?
  • Did my disease influence my life today?
  • Was I fearful? If so, about what?
  • Was I obsessed about anything today? If so, what?
  • Was I honest?
  • Did I worry about yesterday or tomorrow?
  • Did I gossip today?
  • Did my resentments lead me to do things I regretted?
  • Was I overly emotional?
  • Was I judgmental, prejudicial, or unfairly discriminating?
  • Did I have a negative attitude and inflict it upon those around me?
  • Was I tolerant and open-minded?
  • Was my attitude loving and forgiving?
  • Was I good to myself today? If so, how?
  • Was I kind to someone else today? If so, how?
  • Did I give of myself today without expecting anything in return?
  • Have I expressed gratitude to my Higher Power for everything that went right today?
  • Did I make any mistakes today? Did I promptly admit them, and make amends, if appropriate?


  • Do I have any unfinished business to address tomorrow?

Daily practice of Step Ten helps restore us to sanity by keeping us on the best terms possible with the world around us. We begin to truly experience peace and serenity. We are now ready to improve our conscious contact with our Higher Power. To do that, we now focus on STEP ELEVEN.


© Marijuana Anonymous World Services—Life with Hope 12 Step Workbook. A New Leaf Publications, a division of Marijuana Anonymous World Services, 2009. Print. ISBN 978-0-9765779-1-1

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