Life with Hope

A Return to Living Through
the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of
Marijuana Anonymous


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MA groups ought never
endorse, finance, or lend the MA name
to any related facility or outside enterprise,
lest problems of money, property, and prestige
divert us from our primary purpose.

Tradition Six means that no hospital, recovery house, or other outside entity should use MA’s name. Nor should the fellowship give or lend money and become concerned with the success of an outside enterprise. MA discourages the use of its logo and literature on products made and sold by private individuals, companies, or organizations.

The purpose of Tradition Six is to protect the MA name from being corrupted by outside influences, money, property, or prestige. If we endorse, finance or lend the MA name to outside enterprises we run the risk of being labeled with the ideology of whatever outside group we have endorsed.

The more we mind our own business the less we alienate people, and the greater our attraction becomes. MA may cooperate with anyone, but such cooperation should never reach the point of affiliation or endorsement. MA should not get caught up in the political or religious quarrels associated with such affiliations or endorsements.

Likewise, we do not endorse other Twelve Step fellowships. It is true of course that we share the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and work in a spirit of cooperation with each other. However, we are entirely independent. The use of literature, speakers, or


announcements from other fellowships at our meetings may constitute an implied endorsement of an outside enterprise.

Tradition Six is only concerned with the organization and fellowship of MA, not with the behavior of individual members. This means that our individual members may volunteer their time or donate to hospitals, recovery houses, schools, or other charitable organizations. It should be clear, however, that the donation is strictly personal, and not from MA.

Also, MA groups can meet in these locations so long as they do not affiliate themselves with the institution. A group that meets at a particular facility should not use the name of that facility in the name of the group because it implies affiliation. For example, a group that meets at St. ——’s hospital should not be called the St. ——’s group or meeting.

We must also not forget the problems associated with money, property, and prestige. Yes, money can do lots of good, but it also causes a lot of unnecessary problems. If we are too concerned about money, we may concentrate less on our primary purpose. MA’s existence is not wholly dependent on raising money or becoming wealthy. The purpose of Tradition Six is to truly separate the spiritual from the material.


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