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MAWS Service Manual

The Marijuana Anonymous World Services Service Manual (on three-hole punch paper in double-sided format) is an invaluable asset to your district or meeting. It contains MA policy on everything from meeting commitments to the election of delegates and trustees. Also included are full-length Hospitals & Institutions and Public Information handbooks. The Service Manual is updated annually to reflect the latest decisions that are made at the World Service Conference.

This is Revision 5.0, updated as of July 2013, per changes made by the 2013 MA World Service Conference. Changes include revisions to the Public Information Manual and to the By-Laws.  Please note that the Index has not been updated for this edition and is still being revised by the Trustees.

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Domestic Orders

The service manual, printed and sent by US Priority Mail, is $15.00 + $5.60 each.

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You can also mail in your order. To do so, please fill out the order form below, make checks payable to "A New Leaf" (U.S. funds only, please) and send, along with your name and address, to:

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International Orders

For shipping to any point outside the US:

Please WRITE to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for a quote on shipping cost. We need the address, the number of Service Manuals, and an idea of how fast you want the books. Once we transmit that information, and you decide on your shipping cost, we will ask you to send your funds in US dollars, drawn on a New York City Bank, or, if you wish, we will request the total for the sale from you via PayPal.

Please do not send in an order form with payment or use the link above to buy online.

These are the ONLY ways we can accept funds from outside of the United States. This will avoid time-costly delays with check and money order issues and will ensure a much faster delivery!.

Please allow 3 weeks from the date you mail your order for it to arrive. We do everything we can to ship within that time frame.

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