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Subscription Information

A New Leaf is a monthly newsletter. All mailings are shipped anonymously, i.e., the words "Marijuana Anonymous" will not appear anywhere on the envelope. If you are purchasing a subscription as a gift, please include your name and address, as well as the recipient's, so that we can enclose a gift card.

The following subscriptions are billed annually:

Single Subscription, U.S. $15.00
Single Subscription, Canada and Mexico $20.00
Single Subscription, Overseas $25.00
5 copies per month $35.00
10 copies per month $65.00

The following subscriptions are billed monthly:

25 copies per month $15.00/month
50 copies per month $25.00/month
75 copies per month $32.00/month
100 copies per month $40.00/month
125 copies per month $45.00/month
150 copies per month $50.00/month
200 copies per month $60.00/month

Please fill out the order form below, make checks payable to A New Leaf (U.S. funds only, please) and send, along with your name and address, to:

A New Leaf
PO Box 6482
Torrance, CA 90804-0482

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Inquiries about this or any other Marijuana Anonymous publication may be sent to A New Leaf Publications.

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