We take these steps for ourselves, not by ourselves.

From Life with Hope, page 69

Meetings are at the heart of the Marijuana Anonymous Twelve Step program of recovery. Whether you are new to recovery or a long-timer, you will want to know where and when you can attend a meeting. Using these pages you can find information on all known "in-person" meetings (traditional get-togethers), online meetings and the newest way to be a part of the Fellowship, phone meetings.

Each group has its own feel or personality. Each meeting chooses its own format, such as speaker, participation or Step study. Some meetings use a different format for every week of the month. A number of meetings serve refreshments. Fellowship with different people sharing many of the same experiences can be found before and after most meetings. For these reasons, it is suggested that you try as many different meetings as you can.

If there is no meeting in your area, you may want to consider starting one. Until then, make use of the Internet and phone meetings. You may also want to join in the discussion at the Marijuana Anonymous Connection Forum.

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