It only takes two people to start a Marijuana Anonymous meeting, but where do you find that second person?

At the 2010 Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference, a decision was made to help marijuana addicts find one another on the Internet. Since that time, a forum has been created to do exactly that.

An Internet forum is an online discussion site. Some people use the term bulletin board or message board to describe them. Whatever you call it, a forum is a place where people from anywhere on the World Wide Web can come together and share their personal views.

Marijuana Anonymous World Services does not, indeed can not, control what people may say on the forum. Forum users are advised and must understand that any views or opinions presented in the forum are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Marijuana Anonymous World Services.

If you want to suggest, announce or support a meeting in your area, or simply want to make a connection with other marijuana addicts, the Marijuana Anonymous Connection Forum has been created for you. There are no dues or fees for membership.

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Remember: the Marijuana Anonymous Connection Forum is open to the public.

Do not post any information that you wish to remain private.

  • If you have any trouble registering, we can help. In an effort to reduce spam on the forum, a robot checks each registration and blocks any that could be unfriendly. Robots are stupid and make mistakes. If the robot does not accept your registration, please contact a human being who can help: the MAWS Internet Trustee. Provide your chosen username and email address, and we will get you set up. Thank you for your patience: We are all volunteers, including the robot.
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